Shoremet has a history of successful, collaborative relationships with industry, both as a copper chemical supplier and as a services provider.  Shoremet welcomes working relationships to always explore new, innovative ways to “do business.”

Qualifying and purchasing high purity copper chemicals can be a tedious and lengthy supply chain process.  In addition to the initial cost of purchasing high value copper-containing chemicals, “fitting in” to existing customer operations without impact finished product specs can be challenging.

ShoreMet works closely with customers to clearly understand chemical spec needs and customizes its products to meet or exceed those needs.  In addition to chemical composition requirements (i.e., primary copper constituent and secondary elements), the Shoremet production plant can customize particle size, product density and other customer chemistry requirements.

The following chart simplifies the step-by-step approach ShoreMet recommends for prospective customers to successfully qualify its copper-containing chemicals and begin “doing business” together.

Why not begin a dialogue with ShoreMet to collaboratively work through the product qualification process?  Feel free to drop an email or phone call to Bruce Kasen.