The ShoreMet leadership team is an experienced group of passionate colleagues, driving the achievement of challenging goals and performing at the highest level for success. Please contact us at or via phone if you have any questions.

Danny Mislenkov

Started ShoreMet: 1997
Position: President
Expertise: Chemistry/Operations
Phone: 219-390-3336 x100

Bruce Kasen

Joined ShoreMet: 2015
Position: VP Business Development
Expertise: Sales/Marketing
Phone: 219-390-3336

Loren Alexander

Joined ShoreMet: 2021
Position: Director of Marketing
Expertise: Sales/Marketing
Phone: 219-390-3336

Travis Lechien

Joined ShoreMet: 2014
Position: EHS & Program Management
Expertise: EHS/Chemistry
Phone: 219-390-3336 x103

Pero Dukleski

Joined ShoreMet: 2009
Position:  Operation Management
Expertise:  Engineering/Chemistry
Phone: 219-390-3336 x101

Bob Garner

Joined ShoreMet: 2018       
Position:  VP Regulatory Affairs
Expertise:  Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality
Phone: 219-390-3336

Wanda Reuter

Joined ShoreMet: 2012
Position: Office Management
Expertise: Finance
Phone: 219-390-3336 x102

George Martin

Joined ShoreMet: 2017       
Position:  Consultant
Expertise: Engineering
Phone: 219-390-3336