Copper is among the most important industrial metals, valued for its heat and electrical conductivities and malleability. Copper is used in electrical power cables, data cables, electrical equipment, automobile radiators, cooling and refrigeration tubing, heat exchangers, artillery shell casings, small arms ammunition, water pipes and jewelry. A small percentage of copper supply is used in the production of copper compounds for plating applications, nutritional supplements, wood preservatives and glass making & ceramic glazes.

Total world production (2015) was about 19 million metric tons per year (USA is the 4th largest producer at 1.4 million metric tons per year). Recycled copper provides about 35% of total worldwide copper usage and appears to be a “natural fit” for Circular Economy applications.

ShoreMet recognized that focusing on the copper life cycle flow and creating a “cradle-to-cradle” reuse approach will generate economic benefits and make investments in reverse materials distribution profitable.

The following copper compounds are produced from various recycled copper sources at ShoreMet:

  • Basic Copper Carbonate – recognized as a leading source of copper for wood preservative products. It is widely used in pressure treated lumber and various other industrial applications.

  • Copper Chloride – a raw material in the production of animal feed minerals (i.e., dietary supplements) to ensure overall health. Copper chloride is also used in the manufacturing of industrial catalysts.

  • Copper Oxide (CuO) – a building block compound for a family of copper-containing chemicals with uses such as wood preservation, ceramic pigments, animal dietary supplements.

  • Copper Nitrate – many industrial applications including the manufacturing of industrial catalyst, wood preservatives, plating baths and ceramic colorants.

  • Copper Sulfate – is used in many different industries for uses such as fungicides, herbicides, algaecides; animal supplemental dietary feed; coloring additive in glass & ceramics; and copper electrorefining in mines.

  • Copper Ammonium Carbonate – primary uses include a fungicide for various food crops and wood preservatives.