ShoreMet Valparaiso operates within a 5-acre site in an industrial area of Valparaiso, Indiana. The entire chemical processing operations is conducted indoors in a 42,000 sq. ft. building. The ShoreMet Valparaiso plant purchases scrap metallic copper (i.e., wire chop, turnings, stamped sheets, printed circuit boards) as a raw material for subsequent chemical reaction with various inorganic chemicals to produce higher market value copper chemical products.

Copper chemistry is performed on a batch basis to meet specific customer requirements. Various types of reaction vessels are available and includes:

1.  Rotary reactors with direct/indirect heat sources allow for rapid dissolution of copper metal.

2.  Agitated vertical mixing tanks are outfitted with heating or cooling jackets

3.  Dewatering units

4.  Product dryers

5.  Raw/finished storage tanks

6.  A fully equipped QC/QA laboratory

ShoreMet maintains an “open door” policy for any interested parties, including regulators, customers and the public-at-large. Please contact us for plant visit arrangements.