copper sulfate

About Copper Sulfate Solution

ShoreMet’s core business is manufacturing all grades of copper chemicals from scrap metallic copper (i.e., wire chop, turnings, stamped sheets, printed circuit boards). Copper chemistry is typically performed on a batch basis to meet specific customer requirements.

Typical uses of copper sulfate solution include the manufacturing of fungicides/herbicides, catalysts, surface plating, etchant reagent, animal nutrient manufacturing, colorant agent and in the production of other copper compounds.

Chemical Characteristics

CAS #: 7758-99-8
Chemical Structure: CuSO4
Appearance: clear, blue liquid
Assay: 24-26% minimum CuSO4
Copper Content: 5% minimum Cu
Packaging: tankers, totes, drums

Typical Uses

decorating plating

Decorative Plating

Electronics Plating

Electronics Plating

Agricultural Production

Agricultural Production

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